Thursday, September 2, 2010

Girl, 17 Years Old, Is Still a Baby.

Yeah, I don't get it what the big deal is. Us guys get called "big babies" by our girlfriends all the time!

Oh, except this girl is still physically baby/toddler sized. But famous now, so every cloud... etc. Scientists are currently studying her condition to see if it could be useful. Ok, so I browsed the article and made a mockery of their scientific plan! They are trying to see if they can use information from her genes to fight aging. The only problem (I summarize and under-exaggerate there slightly) with her condition is that she's also mentally a baby. Or, she's just milking the situation (that's a thought, is she still being breastfed 17 years later?) and getting carried around and having her diapers changed because she's lazy? It would be tempting though to be waited on hand and foot for as long as possible. Apparently she has never learned to speak though which may or may not be true. The game would be up if she suddenly came out and gave an existential review of her social stigma among her peers.

Anyway, good luck Brooke Greenberg. If you're truly destined to be a baby forever (that also sounds like something one of my ex-girlfriends said...) then enjoy it, life gets sucky after the age of 7 or 8. If you're pulling a fast one and reading this article on 'Baby's First Laptop' then good for you!

(Brooke is the one on the left. Otherwise this story would be crap.)