Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am a great artist.

A while ago, I drew a rabbit sitting on a chair for my best friend. (Her nickname is 'rabbit' and we had just returned from Ikea after buying chairs so it seemed apt.) The scary thing is, the drawing is so realistic, that if you catch it out of the corner of your eye, it looks like a real live rabbit sitting on a real chair. All of a sudden, you're like "dang! How did that real rabbit get into my house and where did I get that awesome chair it's sitting on?"

A while later, I drew another picture for a different friend (my first friend is now living off the profits of selling my original artwork). This time of a cat. This one you have to be careful of, because although rabbits are cuddly and non-threatening, cats can be scary if you suddenly see one and wonder how it got there. So, remember to look at this drawing full on and not glimpse at it otherwise you could be troubled you saw a real cat in your room!

BTW, I drew these on an iPhone application called 'Pocket Whiteboard'. Despite what you may think, they are NOT real photographs!

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