Wednesday, September 15, 2010

‘Killer’ Shrimp Found in UK. Scientists worried...

... and I'm sure the rest of us who read the headline were absolutely thrilled until we got to the meat of the article that explains the shrimp simply eat other invertebrates, including smaller shrimp. I was hoping for some B-movie giant man-eating shrimp!

(The restaurant's 'Shrimp - All You Can Eat' night is a failure due to customers discovering that it's actually an event for the shrimp.)

Still, scientists are unsure what to do about them. Here's an idea, if they're edible and jumbo-sized, EAT THEM!

(The truth. Whoopee freaking doo!)


  1. Doh! I wanted a giant shrimp that ate the Prime Minister of Australia...

  2. If this statement is not a shrimp, then it is a paradox.

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