Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kentucky man goes on rampage after egg breakfast.

A man enraged over how his wife cooked his eggs in rural eastern Kentucky shot five people dead with a shotgun before killing himself, a relative of the victims said. (He didn't comment on just how crap the breakfast might have been so at this point we don't know if the killings were justified!)

(Om nom nom nom!)

You see, this is why cooking shows on tv have the same basic effect as the Miss Universe (inappropriately named - I mean you don't see any unmarried females from anywhere else in our galaxy competing in it - a bit like the "World Series", yep those Sudanese baseball teams really bring their A-game!). They give people unrealistic expectations of how women should look and perform. Many years ago, it was acceptable for your wife to look like a swamp rat and cook like a mentally disturbed prison inmate, but now they're expected to dress up, smell nice and cook something remotely edible.


  1. Eggs increase your semen amount, so I imagine he was laid that night! x_x

  2. I'd be upset with those eggs, too.