Sunday, August 29, 2010

North Korean soccer team in deep poopy!

Ok, so they didn't exactly tear things up in the World Cup. The mistake they made was scoring in the first game against Brazil and narrowly losing 2-1. North Korean's supreme leader (as he has titled himself, I was going to go one step further and call myself 'Galactic Emperor of the Known & Unknown Universe'), Kim Jong-Il, in a fit of delusion, decided that North Korea was destined to win the World Cup and ordered the following game against Portugal to be nationally televised. Portugal won 7-0!

Apparently, the team manager and players were hauled before a 400-strong (I say strong, they're all about 5'2") crowd of government officials and subjected to a 6 hour barrage of criticism and abuse. It's hard to be constructively critical for 6 hours so I'm pretty sure this included outbreaks of random sing-a-long chants of "you're crap and you know you are!"

(Notice the practice of dragon style kung-fu from the players at the back - this was ineffective against Cristiano Ronaldo and the might of Portugal!)



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