Monday, August 30, 2010

Worst. Song. Ever.

The singer (ha ha!) was a man called Paul Gascoigne, affectionately known as Gazza (generally by those who were too lazy or retarded to pronounce his last name). For a brief moment in time, he was of the most gifted soccer players England ever produced. Then, he went batpoop crazy, became an alcoholic, beat up his wife, went to a mental hospital and will go down in history as one of those athletes who had the world at his feet and threw it all away.

This is a song (ha ha again!) called "Fog On The Tyne". Apparently there was an original version but I'm too mentally scarred by this one to seek it out.


  1. lol I was already following you mate, haha

    and worst song has to go to

    Soulja Boy - Anime
    Lil B - Like a Martian
    Brokencyde - (every song they ever made)

  2. this is relevant to my interests...

    Just stopping by to show you some support ;)

  3. Wow that was a very crappy song! Anyway, just popping by to spread the love & support, and wish you a nice day :-)